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shibaiko in fdl_models

Challenge results

Who identified fashion, yet still made a stand?

The remaining girls entered the studio after their photoshoot, where this time they were greeted by Holden and Margot Channing, designer to the stars, and creator of Moda Academy, the very line they had been modeling!

"So, we all did well, but who performed the best? I think you all excelled at different areas but remember, as the numbers whittle down you're only going to have to try harder and harder as the weaker girls get picked off. The girls you posed with were professional models, and I know for a fact that Jenny, Scarlett, Roisin, Kinga and Ivy won't have wanted to be outshone by newcomers such as yourselves. Let's see how you all did."


Holden: Really lovely, Vivienne! While your outfit might not stand out on it's own, your bright red hair gives you a definite advantage!
Margot: The only thing I don't love here are the proportions of your outfit. The corset plus the long shirt plus your darker bottom half all looks a bit odd.


Margot: I wish you weren't so casual. A collared shirt instead of the t-shirt would have been a major improvement.
Holden: I have to agree with Margot. I love the knee socks and the skirt (and the hat, actually), but the top just doesn't match.


Holden: … Where did your pants go? Aren't you cold? This would probably be my favorite look of all… if you were wearing something other than tights on your bottom half.
Margot: You look very sweet and innocent, and I love the navy that you chose to use, but this is a bit too risque for my taste.


Margot: Compared to the other girls, you're very over the top here. The jacket is interesting, but I would like it better in a more subdued color.
Holden: Yeah, the bright blue and the pink are a just a bit much together. You would look more at home in Harajuku than in Manhattan, which isn't what we were looking for.


Holden: I love that you used such a bright jacket! It doesn't look cartoony, because it's a classic cut, and it looks really good with the pink sweater.
Margot: The yellow looks lovely against your coloring, and the matching headband is darling! I don't love the skirt - maybe a darker brown would have worked better?


Holden: Look at you, Suki! Who knew you had those legs! You look really great as a blonde as well.
Margot: I really love your outfit, especially the sweatervest. Choosing all white or light gray pieces was very clever of you, and it does help you to stand out against the other girls.


Holden: Ok, you know how much I love you with Blair Waldorf hair and a headband, so I won't go on about that. As for your outfit, I don't know, I think you look more like you're going to a tennis game than anything else. I guess it still works, but you don't look as much like you are part of the collection.
Margot: I think this does still work with the other outfits in the collection - I'd have chosen a different sweater, but it's still nice. I like that you played around with your pose, because no one else did, and it helps you stand out.

"So, after all this, and after much deliberation between Margot, myself, and the other judges, we've decided that the winner is….


Congratulations! We all agreed that your use of classic styling and bright colors gave you a winning edge over the other girls. As your prize, you get to submit two photos for our next photoshoot. You can use this to change something subtle that you aren't sure of, or you can give us two entirely different looks! It's up to you, but we'll only choose one of them for judging. I suggest going back to your critiques from weeks past and looking at the specific thing we've been on you to improve!"

((I really want to thank you guys for your patience. We're all busy with our real lives, as I know you all are too, but we are definitely going to try to get moving in a more timely fashion.

Also, as you probably already know, the lovely Miss Gabby Stancouski has had to drop out of the competition! She will be missed very much. [And, uh, Andrea, if you ever want to donate your services as a guest judge, we would be very grateful.]

Ok, that's about it, I think. I have to work out some final details on your next photoshoot, but it will be up ASAP!))


If you need me, I'm all yours.
Pretty! I love the little jacket. :3
Yay, finally! Congrats, Calla! :D

...My favorite outfit would be Emmeline's. I guess you all know why, haha. :P Suki's looks great, too. :)

And here's my out-of-contest challenge picture. I also posted it in the original challenge thread, but it was screened and never un-screened. XD

((I never watched Gossip Girl, and the pictures I found with Google didn't really tell me much. So I didn't really know what I should be going for. :P))
Oooh! I love yours!
SUKI YOU LOOK AMAZING. AMAZING. You've improved so much over the past year. ♥

Congradulations, Callaaa, you look fabulous. Fleur will try to be a little less risque at the photoshoot, promise.
OMG! yay me! That's awesome! :) Everyone else looked so awesome too though! Must have been a hard decision!
Whoa, that completely threw me off guard. I honestly thought I wasn't going to do that well. Thank you so much guys for your comments, and congratulations Calla!

Congrats Calla!! And to all the other girls too!

I almost missed this entry, I've been away from a computer for about a week now. I gotta get back on the train.