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gigahurtz in fdl_models

Fashion Identification

It's all about fitting in, yet still owning the photo.

The eight remaining girls were driven to an inner-city studio, as per usual, where they were greeted with Mae and a very recognisable guest.


"And then there were eight," Mae spoke and gave them a warning smile, her guest giving the judges a wave. "As you know, it takes more than one model to make a collection, and we need a new face that can identify what the concept behind a collection is. So without, further ado, let me introduce this lovely lady to the right of me, grand designer Margot Channing. Rocking the runway since 1982 with her debut at New York Fashion Week, she's still popular amongst younger women which is probably the target group that models like you appeal to. Let Margot explain more."

Margot took a few steps forward. "Hello ladies, you're all looking fabulous! Your masterclass this week is to create an outfit and be photographed, but you won't be alone. Extas, enter!"


"My new line is called Moda Academy, and I've drawn inspiration from the school uniform look that is really in at the moment. You must pick an outfit that falls in line with my collection, yet still attempt to stand-out. There's a fantastic prize for the winner! Think you can do it?"

"We sure hope so!" the two women said, guiding the girls into the dressing and makeup rooms to get started.

Rules: Use the image of the extras provided as your background, and you will fit into the space between the girl in the beige hat and the girl with the blonde bob. We aren't so much interested in editing, more your fashion choices and how you will attempt to stand out. Extensions and wigs are not allowed, yet hats and accessories are encouraged. For your outfit, pose and general attitude, think Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf; Google Image it if you're stuck.

Deadline: 14th of September, 2009, midnight GMT. Extensions will be granted if asked, and comments will be screened. Good luck!


Oooh, I'm not gonna be able to make that. Can I get til...next weekend. Dang college with it's dang beginnings.
Ok! The deadline has been extended til September 19th.
Oh I didn't realize the deadline was so soon. Thank goodness for that extension!
Ah, thank you! I've been so crazy busy working at Disney I don't get a spare minute for anything, and just freaked out this morning when i saw I missed the original deadline... thank you for the extension!
you work at Disney?? lucckkkyy
Yup, in Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. To be more exact... Disney's Hollywood Studios. I'm here as part of their college program... and so far it's been awesome, except that I work insane hours and don't get much time off, but other than that, it's SO worth it! :)