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new judge + critiques from photoshoot no. 5

So, first off, I have an exciting announcement! We have added a new permanent judge, and it definitely going to be a familiar face...

That's right, our winner from the first season, Miss Harley Q Tavares is going to be joining us! We're very excited to be having her, and I'm sure she will have some valuable advice for all of you.


I feel halfway about this, there are parts I love beyond reason and parts that simply confuse me. The brassiere is beautiful and your pose is sultry without being slutty, however what is that band going across your waist? Is it a belt? Or a tummy chain? The colors are nice and the background isn't too distracting though a bit odd. I like that though, it's contrasting, grungy! So there's a little bit weird, but I do like it.
Holden: I think that of all the girls, Fleur, you have the best artistic eye. If you ever decide to retire from modeling, the fashion industry would seriously benefit from having you as a stylist or a photographer. The composition and colors in this photo are really just lovely, even though I don't totally love your outfit. Seriously, what is that thing around your waist? Does it serve a purpose?
Mimette: Like Holden I seriously have no idea what's around your waist. I can see that you're trying to go for a high fashion look, but I am rather comfused as to why you chose to pose in the middle of the street. DOn't get me wrong, you look good. I just wonder why you would set yourself up to look like a hooker in a street corner. Like I said, you look good, but poor setting choice.


Harley: Vivi!! What have I always said about wearing white teddies in the rain?! I like your lingerie, but I feel like the setting is way off. Why are you in public? Also anklets are goofy. Cute, Vivienne, but a little strange...
Holden: Yikes, where the hell are you? I get that you wanted to be out in the rain, but you could have at least chosen a... more attractive street. Mud and gross sidewalks are so not high fashion. I feel like this is something that we've had an issue with before? I dunno. Your outfit is pretty, but I kind of wish it had a bit more frill. Or frippery. It's just so basic, and it's kind of boring me, combined with the super banal setting.
Mimette: I love your lingerie! Really cute! WHat's going on with your feet, though? They seem to be dissapearing. I kinda wish you did soemthing else with your hair.. more natural or tossled. You, like Fleur, could have chosen a better setting. Why are you in an abondoned neighorhood in the rain?


Harley: Bows, bows everywhere! I love how you're a little present, perched up there with your little seductive smile. You're cute and sexy but not a street walker! And I love that! I do wonder about your color choices...your red hair and pink is a little clashy. All the same, you're such a cutie, better grab a stick so we can beat the boys off.
Holden: You're too cute! You look like you're having a lot of fun, which is important. I like the placement of the bows, having them be a little off-center makes it a little less hokey than it would be if they were centered. You're getting so much better every week, and it's really fun to watch your journey.
Mimette: I am getting a girl-next-door vibe from this picture. It's quite adorable. I feel like the bows are placed akwardly. It's like you're trying to hide something. Don't be afraid to show off, especailly your sexy legs!


Holden: I like this and I don't. I like your pose and the whole goth-y vibe, but the leg and arm warmers just make it... I don't know, a little too costumey. Instead of the legwarmers, I would have liked to see thigh-high stockings. I think that would have made it a little more classy, and you would have matched your lovely lovely bedroom more.
Mimette: I also get a dark vibe from the photo by what you are wearing. I kinda wish you posed in a different way because the body language I am reading from your pose is "tah dah". But I am looking for sultry, sexy.. I think fishnet stockings would have been a better choice in achieving the dark look you were going for.
Harley: Lots of love for taking a dark route, it looks great with your hair. The edginess is intense, but at the same time you're so very accessorized! Too much is going on. Maybe if you just had the arm socks or just the leg warmers it would be better? But you look like you're going to a club. I do like your actual lingerie though.


Mimette: Judging from the smirk on the models face, it seems like you had a good night Calla! haha! But in all seriosuness, this is definately my favorite photo of the bunch. From a photographer's point of view, i feel like your picture told more of a story. And also, you did a good job looking sexy, but staying classy. Love it!
Harley:...I'm gonna have to disagree with Mimette, as much as I do get the story part of your picture, it's kinda weird to me that you're walking away from a bed where there's a guy sitting (with a hand considerably close to his crotch! Hiding something Blondey?) Also, a thumbs up?! What'd you do?! No, don't tell me. I'll never be able to look at you the same.
That bow is ca-yoot though!
Holden: Callaaaaaaaaa, I dunno about this. I feel like I ought to like it, but for some reason I don't, really. I think it is a combination of your pose (awkward), your shoes (ugly), and... The fact that your boyfriend is wearing two-tone pants with zippers? I guess. I like your giant ass-bow, though, it's fun. You look pretty in that shade of green, but for continuity's sake, I'd have gone with something closer to the color of your walls. Speaking of your room, I want to steal it and make it my own. Is that okay?


Suki looks absolutely adorable, and hahaaa, It appears me and Vivienne had around the same idea in regards to setting. ♥

The uh, the strap was actually part of a high-fashion one-piece lingire suit (read: lol) - as you can see heeere without the transparent brassiere.


Thanks for the critiques! I'm glad most of you liked it. Your comment about artistic eye actually meant a lot to me, Holden, so thank you.
Wait....what? Suki did...alright?? O_o

Thanks for your comments, judges. I was so nervous about this panel cause I thought I did BAD :P

BTW, everyone did an amazing job. Love all the other photos <3
Hahaha, I had forgotten which the last photoshoot was!
All you girls did amazing as well.

June's compared to everyone elses...yeah, looks a tad on the dark goth-y side. Hehehe, oops.

I'm glad this comp is alive again.
*raises a hand* QUESTION! A bit early maybe to ask this, but is there gonna be another season when this one ends? Cuz I came up with another model already. XD
Ooohh SUKI rocked this shoot a lot very seductive and verys exy and she took the 90's theme also FLEUR is love I love her she rocked the setting gorgeous...Wish I could enter next cycle if there is ahahahaah!!!
Awww, is this continuing? :(
*knock-knock* Anybody there? Oh, come on, it's been over a month, don't make us wait Buddha knows how long again. Please?
We're working on it, I promise! Unfortunately, the hardest part for me is actually putting the elim post together, which is what I'm stuck on now. I will try to work on it this week, though, I promise!
Oh, good. :D
...Updates? :(
This. lol forever.
...Well? The results were supposed to be here last month. Oh, come on!
Hello! It's almost June already!
It is June now :p
Guess this is dead :(