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Episode Six, Part One - like totally awesome, dudes

Hello everyone! We've decided that, because there was such a long delay, and we're still trying to regroup and figure out what's really going on, we're going to go ahead and skip the elimination for last round. Everybody who still wants to be is still in, and anybody who wants to drop out can take this as an opportunity to do so.

You will be getting critiques on your last photoshoot, don't worry, but rather than make you all wait around for us to finish that up, we're going to give you your next photoshoot assignment so we can get moving again!

So, this week, you guys are going to be paying tribute to my favorite decade: the 90s! If you've walked into any major fashion retailer recently, you'll definitely have noticed that the 90s are back in a big way! Trends like leggings, plaid, neon, Doc Martens, floral patterns, and ripped denim were all popular in the 90s, and that's what you all are going to be channeling.

Of course, it would be super easy to throw on a pair of overalls and a scrunchie and be done, but that's not what we're going for here. It's important to still be fashionable and modern, even when you're paying homage to another era, and that's what we want to see here. If you are not as old as me (haha) and you don't know what to go for, google is your friend!

Your deadline is March 2 March 5 (extension for you, Vivi!), which is two weeks from now. Have fun, and we'll try to get your critiques from the last photoshoot before then!


I'm so sorry, but I'm going to need an extension -- I'm going on vacation next week, and I have two other photos to submit for another game...3 days should be more than enough, if you could arrange that.
No problem! I'll go ahead and switch the date to the 5th.
\o/ Thanks!
hehehehe this reminds me of that Simpson's episode where Lisa dresses all 90's and Milhouse says "She looks like Blossom!"
Blossom is my personal style icon.
ffff best. photoshoot. everr. I was born in the nineties, but it doesn't mean I didn't embrace its culture! Fleur is going to own this shoot. :D
awesome, was born in the eighties... I'm old... I'll totally be able to rock this... let's see if I have time because Disney owns my soul... if I'm able to get it in in time, consider me still in... if I can't, I guess I'll drop out but let's take it as it comes... :)
Are you, me, and feebsicle the only babies of the eighties left? That makes me a little sad.
I was born in the '80s! XD Not in the competition anymore, but...XD
I was born in 82!
I'm an old lady.... =(
DUH, I knew I was forgetting someone.
83 here!
Where are you, lady?
I too was born in the 80's, 1982 to be exact, and had some funky style going on in the 90's. I actually hated it, I thought I looked so ugly! With colorful spandex shorts, two pairs of colored socks, side pony tail, slap bracelets.....eeeeks!

BUT, if the comp asks to relive the 90's then I guess I'll have to t
take that leap.
Glad this is back! I'll start on this right away.

Wigs and hair extensions? Allowed?! Yes, no?....
Yeah, sure.
Are we posting this like a photoshoot (with a background) or like a challenge (without a background)?
With background, please.
Oh jeez. I forgot already :(
This is a bad sign. Can I have mine ready by March 9th?
Sorry about this.
That's fine :)