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shibaiko in fdl_models

Just as a heads-up, we're still missing two photos, from Emmeline and Letitia. I'm willing to give you both the time you need (or a skip, if that's necessary), just let me know what's goin' on.


You know what...I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish this.
I've got so much going on right now (as you probably have read on my lj), not to mention the fact that I have the flu AND am in the middle of moving. I don't know how I'm going to do this on top of everything else :(

I wonder if there is any way I can stay in the competition because I'm sure once December's over, all of this busy crap will clear up and I'll have some actual time for life. I'm really sorry about this :( If you need to eliminate me I completely understand.
If you guys need a Skip for the photoshoot, that's fine. Let me know if you are still interested in competing :)
I'm in the same boat. :( I feel bad giving you all this trouble since I asked if I could join after the game had started, and I dearly apologize for any inconvenience I've caused. Any chance I can still remain after this month? Or can I give Letitia away to anyone who wants to take over?
If you guys need a Skip for the photoshoot, that's fine. Let me know if you are still interested in competing :)
No new news???

Hope your thanksgiving was awesome!
I think most judges are battling the case of exams right now... Will be back soon :)
got it!
Well I hope the action doesnt happen when I'm on vacation. I'll be away from a computer for two weeks, the last time i'll be on will be next friday the 18th.

How is everything? So excited for panel!
Exams are done sooon (next week, for me)... after that, we'll be back. Sorry to keep you guys waiting :\
This pleeease.
*knock-knock* Hello? Anybody there?
Guess this is dead.....
I hate sounding mean, but... I find it absolutely bizarre that judging and putting the elimination post together takes about three or four months longer than it does for the contestants to make their shoots. I judge an Elouai game on another forum and... i don't know, even when I had a lot of biiiiiig personal issues going on in my life, I never found it that difficult, nor time-consuming. The fact that we're given almost no responses to our questions or even an idea of how long things are taking is, well uh. disheartening, to say the least.
See what I mean? :C