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shibaiko in fdl_models

Hey guys, just a reminder that your deadline for this photoshoot is two days from now! No one has asked for an extension yet, but it seems like that's probably going to be a necessity.


I'm gonna need an extension until at least Tuesday... Disney has me working 6 days a week again, and Tuesday is my day off... but I'm gonna try and get it done tonight... but just in case... I'd appreciate an extension til Tuesday at least...
Okay, this is just not working right now, can I get until Thursday instead please? I haven't had time to work on it yet, too many Disney things going on at the moment, but I'll get it done, I promise!
Sorry...yes...I'm going to need an extension.
I don't remember if you're on my friends list, but anyone who is can see my latest journal entry as to why... :(
Sure thing, I hope everything's alright. How long do you think you'll need?

PS I just added you as a friend!
Oh drat, that deadline came fast o_O

I'm gonna need an extension as well. Tuesday is good. Sorry :D
I too will be needing an extension, but I'm not sure I can crank this baby out today. If anything by the end of tomorrow would be great!

I've been out all last week, with no computer, and this is the first time in nearly 7 days I'm at a comp. I've been sick, my mother in law has been sick (my babysitter), and now my son has come down with the flu =/ So you can imagine how crazy its been.

But I will get it in by tomorrow, definitely!

Thanks! And sorry for not saying something sooner. I really hate holding up the competition.