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hhkitten in fdl_models

Deadline approaching

Don't forget that your submissions are due tonight at 11:59 PM PST.


...I'm gonna be honest. I'm not gonna do this. I have neither the time nor the inspiration. I'm really sorry guys, but I didn't realize I would be quite as busy as I am. I love you all and of course will follow my lovelies, but I am x.x dead. Haha.

Peace and Love
Andrea and Gabs.
Agreed. :(
NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Gabs, come on?!
Sorry babe. It's how it happens. I may come back someday...but I really don't have any time. I live in a hotel of all my friends and have weird classes!
I know, life happens.
Well, it was fun while it lasted. =D

I'm sure you'll still be lurking.
In the creepiest way possible, of course.
Yes yes, I know. I'm fabulous. But now there's no conflict of interest, Holden, my boy. ;)

(...Honestly. Everybody loves Holden.)
Unfortunately, Holden is currently dating Ben Orrico, which secretly pining over Otto Franklin. It's all very dramatic.
There is so much drama in the fashion world! I always thought Holden was a ladykiller though. Sad day.
The best way I've found to describe Holden's sexuality is with this quote from Margaret Cho: "I'm not gay, I'm not straight, I'm just slutty. Where's my parade?" Once he realizes how much trouble boys are, you might still have a chance ;)
Lmao. That is how I consider myself. I don't want to say no to an entire half of the population! ;)

what a shocker!!!

.....think of it as a CHALLENGE!!...then proceed.


*cries a thousand fierce tears*
No news to report??
How is everything going?~
Um...pardon me, but...hello? Is it still alive? ^^;