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The Fourth Elimination

The Mythology Elimination: who will be cut from the challenge?


The nine remaining girls entered the boardroom, whispering amongst themselves, nervous for the elimination.


A more concise set of judges entered the boardroom, with Mae giving the girls a little wave.


"Hello ladies!" Mae giggled, standing in front of the desk as the other two judges took their seats. "Now, you may have noticed that we've reduced the panel; this shift is permanent, and you can count on us for even being more precise with our judgment. Let me introduce the reconstructed panel!"

"The first is the incredible Mimette Clark, supermodel turned super-photographer that knows what perfection is at the both sides of the camera lense."

"Then, we have Holden Delaney, world-renowned fashion designer that most top models, including myself, have had the honour to work with."

"And finally, there's me: Mae Rawcliffe. Supermodel and modelling director, I'm always on the lookout for new scorching talent!"

Mae took a breath to speak as the Board gave a smile or wave to the contestants. Turning once more to the wannabe models, she said: "And you are all battling it out for a variety of truly supreme prizes. The winner will gain a contract and representation with this very agency, Fleur de Lys Models, also being given the opportunity to walk for Fabrizio Moretti's Spring/Summer Collection, 2009. Included is a cover and spread in the prestigious Iris Style magazine and a $500,000 contract to become the new face of Eiggenmoor Jewels, one of the most prestigious jewellery design houses on the planet. Who wants some?"

"ME! ME! ME!" the girls screamed, laughing as Mae gave a bow of her blonde head. "I thought you'd be impressed!"

"Due to our new judging panel, there will be no more points system, and elimination will be down to collective judging discretion. This week, you had to portray mythological creatures, and first up for her critique this week is... Fleur! Step on up, sweetheart."

Fleur - Medusa the Gordon


The Judges all collectively grimace and squirm at this picture, and Fleur twists her face at their reaction.
Mae: Fleur, this has the potential to be an awesome photo, but that pose; it just cannot work. Despite the fact that your hairstyle, dress, setting, make-up and shoes all absolutely rock the house, that squatting thrust you're doing just detracts from everything. This isn't the Fleur we're used to; more elegance next time darling. A lot more elegance.
Mimette: Fleur... I'm not really sure how this pose has anything to do with Medusa. It looks more hoochie than anything. The dress is beautiful, but I wish your hair portrayed more of a snake element. This is one of my least favorite shoots of yours, and I'm really quite disappointed.
Holden: Fleur. Darling. I like you, you know that? You must know that, and so I hope you know that when I say this, I say it with love: You look... well, you look like you are going to poop or have a baby or something. There is no delicate way to say it. I love (love!) your makeup, the hair is nice, and I like the ambiance of your photo, but... Oh man. That pose. It's just all wrong, you know? I can't get over it. Really, I do like your makeup, though. You look very fierce. Just never try to pose like that again, please?
Mae: Thanks, Fleur.


Vivenne - The Centaur


Mimette: At first I wasn't getting a centaur vibe from this picture. But then I looked a little closer and saw the shadow/graffiti in the background. HOW CLEVER! This is a great example of portraying a character with subtlety and ambiguity. You look gorgeous Vivienne! Excellent.
Holden: I was really curious to see how you would pull this off, and I have to say, this is really a pleasant surprise! At first look, this picture is kind of confusing, but once you've had a chance to really absorb it, it's very clever! I do wish, though, that you had gone for something a little more fashion forward for your outfit. Is that a tube top made of flowers or something? I think a flowy peasant blouse or something similar would have looked cute and been appropriate. At least your hair and your headband are cute!
Mae: Very innovative, Vivenne, I like it. You look natural, and beautiful, but I wish you weren't covering the top half of your outfit. Apart from that though, I have no complaints; you took a huge risk, and it has paid off, and you still look absolutely stunning in the process. Thank you very much, girl.


Calla - The Phoenix


Holden: Phoenixes are one of my favorite mythological creatures (aside from unicorns!), so I was really looking forward to this, but... I don't know, I can't say I'm crazy about it. I guess I just don't like your dress? The top looks more like scales than anything else, which is confusing. Oh, and I wish it wasn't all so dark. Why so gloomy? You should be more gold and shiny! I like your hat, but not enough to balance out how much I dislike the rest of it.
Mae: It's an alright shot, although I think you look more like a pirate than a Phoenix. I can see where you were going, but it's just missing that extra something; your shots have always been solid, but I've yet to see something that just blows me away. Calla, your look is more commercial, so I'd love to watch you hit couture and editorial head on. Good, but not the best, and we've heard that quite a few times in reference to you, Calla.
Mimette: Okay, so you got that rising from the ashes part, sweet. But, aside from that, I don't see much of the Phoenix in this. I really don't like your dress, or hat, or pose. Oh, Calla... I'm usually your biggest fan, but you've kind of disappointed me.
Mae: Thanks, Calla.


Suki - The Minotaur


Suki approaches the Judges nervously, whilst all the Judges clap and smile as the picture shows up.
Mae: Finally, we got a MODEL from you!
Holden: Suki! Look at you! I am going to say to start that your pose, from the knees down, is not great. Is that even physically possible? I can't imagine that you wouldn't fall flat on your face if you actually tried to stand like that. The rest of this photo, however, is really fantastic. The leather minidress is perfect, and, I'm not going to like, I actually like that hair on you better than the hair we gave your for your makeover, haha! You look really great, very fierce, and definitely not like someone I would want to mess with if I was wandering around in back alleys at night!
Mimette: Is this really you? WOW. I am IMPRESSED. This. Is. FIERCE. I think this is a giant leap up toward the head of the competition. Keep it up, I am literally blown away.
Mae: I knew we'd finally get this stellar shot! What an improvement, as soon as I saw this, my eyes just went POP! You look fabulous, and even though your legs are a little too broken down doll (slap on the wrists for you, we've told you this before!) I think you look so strong. All the ferociousness of a Minotaur, yet keeping the sass of a model. Be proud Suki, you've really impressed me. Thank you.


Gabby - The Banshee


Mimette: I really like this Gabby!! I can totally see Banshee in your picture. It's not too over the top but I can still see what you're going for. My only concern is that the dress looks too mummy-like. I think it would have worked better if you didn't have a dress that looks like it wraps around you.
Mae: This is hauntingly beautiful, Gabby, you look so disturbing but in the best possible way, I mean, it doesn't even look like you. You look victimised, punished and ghostly; all the connotations associated with a Banshee. My only complaint is the setting, I would've preferred you wandering through a marsh or bog. Overall, good picture, I could definitely see this being an ad campaign.
Holden: Straight up, this is what I see when I look at this picture: Did I leave the gas on? Of course not, I'm a fucking banshee! You don't look... I don't know, remorseful or scary or anything like that, you just look kind of confused. Or like you're posing for some really campy department store catalog. It looks kind of silly, which I don't think was your intention. I like that you're kind of saunter-floating down the stairs. I like your dress, because it looks like it was quite pretty before it got all tattered. Your hair looks a little bit too kempt, considering that you are one of the undead. I also really like the effect that you used to make yourself look all ~ghostly. As a whole, though, I dunno, I guess I'm kind of ambivalent on this photo. I'm not super impressed, which is disappointing, because I expected more from you.
Mae: Have to disagree with you there, Holden. Thank you, Gabby.


Natalia - The Sphinx


Holden: Whatcha doin' there? Just chillin' in some ruins? That's cool, I guess. I mean, I don't really get it? Is this is the sphinx on her day off? Shouldn't you be... protecting something? Or, like, eating people? I wish you had given us a little more fierceness here. Even if you had given up more of a sultry facial expression (instead of being so smiley), this would have worked better. It looks like (and you can corrent me here if I'm wrong) you drew your dress by hand, which is admirable, but there are a few things I want to point out. There's no shading on your skirt at all, which means that it ends up looking very stiff and very one-dimensional. It doesn't even look like fabric; it's more like you made a skirt out of window blinds! Also, your pose is baffling. It doesn't even make sense to look at!
Mae: I have to agree with Holden, Natalia, you needed so much more ferocity in this shot. I wanted regal anger, a real high fashion shot but I think you look far too commercial. I think the dress is a good attempt, but it just isn't Sphinx-like, the only connection is ancient Egypt. You know I like you Natalia, but I'm starting to find that you only really succeed on the commercial side of modelling, and that really worries me sweetheart.
Mimette: Oh, Natalia... you seem like such a nice person! But a "nice", commercial pose was not what we were looking for at all. As much as I want to scold Holden for being so hard on you, I have to agree and would like to add that I can't tell whether you are sitting or leaning or floating. Just not up to par.
Mae: Thank you, honey.


Letitia - The Dragon


Mae: Love it. Absolutely love it. You give your photos real thought and dedication Letitia, and that is something I really like about you. The pose is fierce, yet your face retains that aloof elegance needed for this high-end sort of modelling. The dress is fantastic (Asian inspiration is really in this season) and I think you ought to be proud. Girls, you should be watching Letitia, because she is real competition. I also love the dress you chose to wear to panel - you're always on the ball Letitia. Always!
Mimette: I do not even know what to tell you, Letitia. You surpassed my expectations. Utter perfection! Not a bad word to say.
Holden: What I love about you, Letitia, is that you put a lot of thought and hard work into all your photos, and it definitely shows. Honestly, almost everything about this picture is perfect. Your hairstyle and hairpiece, the pattern and colors of your dress, your pose, everything comes together beautifully. The only things I don't love are your eye makeup and the little fringey bits on the dress (because they look like armpit hair, haha), but those are just minor issues. You should be really proud of this photo, it's outstanding.
Mae: Thanks, Letitia.


Emmeline - The Unicorn


Holden: EMMELINE. I have honestly just been at a loss for words over how much I love this. You look very vulnerable and skittish, but still very noble and regal, which is very appropriate. I'm not crazy about the dress, because it does look like it's about to fall down (I can't tell if that's loose fabric in the back, or if it's just a bow or something), but I like the rest of your outfit. Attaching the horn to a headband was very clever! Also, I have to say that you look really fantastic as a blonde, especially with your dark eyebrows. Well done!
Mimette: This is very beautiful, Emmeline. When I think of a unicorn I think of a serene animal. You did a good job in portaying that emotion in your face. My only critique is that it looks like you're trying to hold your towel up from falling.
Mae: First of all, congratulations on winning the challenge Miss Emmeline! Round of applause for you. Your photo this week: stunning. You look vulnerable, rare, beautiful; everything a unicorn is. Apart from your dress looking like it's about to be around your ankles, you look fabulous. Fiiiiiiierce, girl!


June - The Siren


Mimette: June, I really don't see siren in this picture. The reason being that sirens are distinctive in the sense that they have two tails. This could have worked for a mermaid, maybe?
Mae: I know you're having difficulties, June, but you're fading and I hate to say that. First photoshoot, I couldn't believe how much potential you had, but here? You're just sat there looking beautiful, and a little bored. The dress is gorgeus, yet I don't like the wings. I don't know June, I just think you may have reached your peak.
Holden: First off, I want to give you props for staying in the competition. For those of you who don't know, June is having difficulties accessing resources for her photoshoots, and I know that a lot of people would have dropped out under that type of pressure. You're persevering, though, and it's very admirable.
Even taking that into consideration, though, I'm not sure if I really love this still. I think that if you hadn't tried to be a bird-lady and a mermaid at the same time, but had focused entirely on one or the other, this would have been stronger. I like your pose and the setting that you chose, and I like the outfit in theory, but... it's too colorful? The mermaid skirt is clever, but if it were all green or blue, instead of being, like, pink and teal and shit, I would have immediately said, aha! That's a mermaid there, for sure! So, yeah, almost there, but not quite. Hopefully in the future we'll able to work around the problems you're having, because I know you're capable of better work than this.

"Okay girls," Mae said, taking a step forward with a more serious look on her face. "Nine of you are in this boardroom, but only eight will continue in the competition. Please leave the room as the judges deliberate which girl will be going home."


As the girls entered the Boardroom again, Mae stood at the front of the desk with a new way of calling the safe girls forward.
"Nine beautiful girls stand before me, but only eight will continue in the Fleur de Lys challenge. The photos have been completely divided this photoshoot, and the leaders of the pack may not be so leading after all. If I call your name, please step forward."

There was a hushed silence sweeping through the Boardroom.


"If I have called you forward, then. Congratulations! You're in the top scorers this photoshoot, and will remain in the competition for one more week. Please step into line, girls, and well done."

Suki could hardly believe it as Emmeline gave a smug grin, Vivienne putting an arm around each of them as they ran out past Mae into line, giggling and smiling.

"And now, for the best photo this week. Congratulations...


Your photo this week was incredible; you've definitely got model potential - the looks, the personality and the attention to detail. Well done Miss Thang, you deserve it!"

Letitia put both hands to her mouth in shock as the girls around her clapped and gave her a smile of support. Leaving the room past Mae, the judge looked up, a little more solemn.

"Gabby... congratulations, you're safe for this week. Normally, we have all-round applause for your photo, but this week, we were divided. Make sure you're back to your usual standard next photoshoot, you sassy little fox! You're one step closer to becoming the new face of Fleur de Lys."
Gabby gave a nod and smiled as she walked forward, Mae giving her a warm hug of support as she went to stand in line.

"And now to our bottom four. Only two of you are guaranteed a place within the Fleur de Lys challenge. June, you're through. We know you're having difficulties, but in your photo you just looked bored, and I want to see that androgynous beauty I've come to know, adore and love. Congratulations sweetheart, you're through."
June sighed with relief and smiled as she passed Mae to stand in line.

"Only one more spot, and let me tell you girls, you three impressed us the least. Out of everybody, I'm shocked to see you all standing here. Nevertheless, the final girl with a guaranteed spot is... Fleur."
She took a few steps forward, letting a few tears trickle down her face as Mae put her hands lightly on Fleur's shoulders.
"One mistake cost you an entire photo Fleur, and one minor aspect can make or break a photo, so bear it in mind okay? Well done, go join your fellow competitors."

Mae took a deep breath as she gave a sombre smile to the two remaining girls.
"Would Calla and Natalia please both step forward?"

The two walked to the front of the agency, holding hands as many of the other girls stood in line were trying not to cry.

"Two very different girls standing here, and for very different reasons. Both commercial, and both solid but nothing spectacular, but only one of you will be staying here I'm afraid."

"First we have the adorable Natalia, a girl that I absolutely love, who is loved and liked by everybody here. In your commercial shots, we saw a fresh, pretty girl who was always applauded by photographers and judges alike for her breezy, bubbly personality. Yet, we've never seen anything stellar from you, and we're afraid that you're just not a couture kind of girl. Are you completely limited in your modelling ability?"

"And then, we have Calla, beautiful, gorgeus girl that just like Natalia, is popular and liked by everybody here at Fleur de Lys. Yet every single week, we see an average shot that is run-of-the-mill, we see a girl that maybe tries her best, but doesn't completely deliver. We need a model that can provide astounding photo after astounding photo, and perhaps you lack that little extra factor needed to make a difference within this age-old industry?"

"So, who do we send home? The girl who rocks at being commercial, yet struggled with couture, or the girl who lacks that stellar factor needed to succeed?"

"Let's hope you can provide fireworks next week, Calla."

Natalia shrugged a little, smiling through teary eyes as Calla immediately hugged her, then stepping forward in front of Mae.
"We know you can deliver more Calla, and I'll die trying to get that little extra something out of you. You're beautiful, and I know that a stellar shot is just fighting to get out of you. Congratulations, go and join your other competitors."

Mae gave Natalia a smile, and bit her bottom lip.
"Natalia, your contract with the agency has expired. Thank you ever so much for participating."

Stepping forward, she dabbed at her own eyes as she gave a brave Natalia a warm, tight hug, the other girls joining in making a group embrace. Mae gave her hand a squeeze as a few tears trickled down the supermodel's face.
"You know how much I like you Natalia, so it's hard for me to send you home. You're awesome at the commercial side of fashion, and there is nothing wrong with that. Remember the Bliss campaigns I had you all do, and how well you did? Go out there and be the new face of commercial cosmetics girl, because I know you can do it, okay?"

Natalia nodded and smiled as she cried a little, the other girls a little saddened as she took a few steps out of the agency.
"Thank you so much for the opportunity," she said, giggling despite her tears and giving the Boardroom a wave. "I had a really, really awesome time!"

Eight girls remain. Who will be the new face of Fleur de Lys?

(OOC: Sorry about the wait, we hope it's worth it. Thanks for participating Natalia! And for everybody else, consider the competition back on!)


Dear Vivienne,

I am shocked. SHOCKED! at your genius. A shadow horse! Brilliant!! And so dark....Oh why hadn't I thought to do it? I am quite compelled to be a fan of yours, if you do not mind it.

Mais oui! ...C-certainly. I think.

Et maintenant, je vais allé s'asseoir là-bas...or else I think I might faint. You know me! I'd keel right over.

Oh by all means! Please sit. Here, take my seat even!!

by the way

Letitia's dragon photo is missing...I would so love to see her glory!!

Re: by the way

Same here, her picture is missing.
I want to see the dragon!

Re: by the way

Yiiikes! good girls improving; good girls getting eliminated... I thought I was going to leave for sure when I saw the judge's comments. XD Thanks for keeping me, guys! I'll definately strive to improve! I know I can do this. :B

Nataliaaa D: You're beautiful, bb, and I agree with the judges; I think you'll have a lot of success as a commercial model! ♥
Ahaha, I fretted about that photo for a while -- I'm glad the judges were okay with it. Right now, safe is good enough for me.

...But my bb Natalia! I'll miss you and all the trouble we got into. It was so much fun being around you, good luck out there!

Suki. Your photo was fantastique this week! It's very...er, powerful, if that's the right word.

OOC: I spot an Audrey...she was so robbed.

I know my difficulties with accessing dollies is no excuse for the half ass jobs I've been submitting. My apologies. I will definitely dig deep to bring out what you love from June, her androdynous sexy 'tude.

Thanks for bringing it back to life. I can't wait to see whats next!
We appreciate you effort!! :D
Wow, I'm so surprised I did so well. Thank you so much judges :D

And sorry Natalie, you're a gorgeous girl :(
Wow, all models are amazing and impressive. Love Letitia the dragon, and Vivienne's kentaur was really creative.
Can't say I'm too surprised with my results... thanks for keeping me in!
Can't wait to see what you pull out next challenge!
I know i'm in hot water my self. =/
Wow, Letitia! Amazing job! Simply stunning! And I'm glad you went for the Asian dragon look. As much as awesome the Western dragons are, the Asian dragons are much more elegant.
Oh, Emmeline, what a beautiful unicorn you are! Pardon me for so un-ladylike behaviour, but...*squeals*
Vivi, great idea with the horse shadow. Very clever. And, you look so lovely. :D

Good job, girls!

Sad to see you go, Natalia. :(